The Pocket Guide to World History

Nagodba Compromise. 1868. Croatia recognized, but confirmed as part of Hungary. [Read more ...]

Naguib, Muhammad. 1901-84. Egyptian general. Deposed Farouk I with Nasser. President 1952-4. [Read more ...]

Nagy, Imre. 1896-1958. Hungarian premier 1953~56. Executed after Hungarian Uprising. Rehabilitated 1989. [Read more ...]

Nagyvarad, Peace. 1538. Divided Hungary between Hapsburg and Zápolya. Failure allowed Ottoman occupation of 2/3 of Hungary. [Read more ...]

Naismith, James. 1861-1939. Canadian/US inventor of basketball 1891. [Read more ...]

Nakatomi Kamatari. 614-69. Founded Fujiwara dynasty. Tried to adapt Chinese system to Japan. [Read more ...]

Namibia. Bushman. Nama, Dama. Ovambo, Herero. 1884 German protectorate. 1892 Colony = German South-West Africa. 1915 South Africa...League of Nations mandate. 1948 South Africa despite UN protest. 1990 Independent. SWAPO. [Read more ...]

Namur, Sieges. Belgium. 1692 French capture. 1695 Dutch, English take French. 1914 Germans capture. [Read more ...]

Nanak. 1469-1539. Indian Sikh guru. To reduce strife between Hindus and Moslems, founded Sikh religion. -“God is one, whether Allah, Rama, God or Vishnu”. [Read more ...]

Nanking Peace. 1842. Opium War. Britain gains Hong Kong. Trade opened. [Read more ...]

Nansen, Fridtjof. 1861-1930. Norwegian arctic explorer/statesman. Drifted in ship “Fram” 1895-6. Advocated independence from Sweden. [Read more ...]

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