The Pocket Guide to World History

Narragansett. North American Indians fought with colonists in Pequot War. [Read more ...]

Narrative Art. Late 19C. Pictures should tell a story. Hogarth. [Read more ...]

Narvaez, Ramon. 1800-68. Spanish general supporting Isabella II vs Carlists. Prime Minister 1844-66. [Read more ...]

NASA. 1958-. US space agency. [Read more ...]

Naseby, Battle. 1645. English Civil War. Fairfax and Cromwell defeat Royalists. [Read more ...]

Nash, John. 1752-1835. English architect: Regent St, London; Marble Arch; Brighton Pavillion; Buckingham Palace 1821-30. [Read more ...]

Nash, Ogden. 1902-71. US humorist poet. One Touch of Venus 1943. “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.” [Read more ...]

Nashe, Thomas. 1567-1601. English anti-Puritan satirist, imprisoned on Isle of Dogs with Jonson. [Read more ...]

Nashville, Battle. 1864. US. Union defeats Confederates. [Read more ...]

Nasmyth, James. 1808-90. Scottish inventor of steam hammer, 1839. [Read more ...]

Nasrids. 1238-1492. Last Moslem dynasty in Spain. [Read more ...]

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