The Pocket Guide to World History

Mufti. Moslem lawyers. Advise court in Islamic law. [Read more ...]

Mugabe, Robert. 1924-. Rebel leader with Nkomo. First Prime Minister of Zimbabwe 1980-. [Read more ...]

Mughal Empire. Mogul. [Read more ...]

Mugwumps. 1884. US Republican reform faction. In England, politically neutral voters. [Read more ...]

Muhammad. c570-632. Arabian founder of Islam, 622. Koran author by divine revelation, 610. United Arabs. Badr. Hijrah. Caliphate Empire. [Read more ...]

Muhammad Ahmad. Founded Mahdism 1880. [Read more ...]

Muhammad ’Ali Pasha. 1769-1849. Egyptian Viceroy 1805-48. Killed Mameluks. Aided Ottomans vs Greeks. Dynasty ruled Egypt to 1952. [Read more ...]

Muhammadan Era. Began 622 AD, AH 0 of Islamic Calendar. Dates from Hijrah. Christian Era. [Read more ...]

Muhlenberg. German/US family. Founded US Lutheranism 18-19C. [Read more ...]

Mujahideen. 1978. Afghan guerilla militia. Supported by US vs Soviet occupation. [Read more ...]

Mukden Incident. 1931. Japan takes over Manchuria on pretext of attempted railway sabotage. [Read more ...]

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