The Pocket Guide to World History

Motte and Bailey. (Mound and enclosure). Predominant form of castle 11-12C. [Read more ...]

Moulin, Jean. 1899-1943. French patriot, founder of National Council of Resistance 1943. Tortured to death by Gestapo. [Read more ...]

Moulin Rouge. 1889. Parisian music hall of Belle Epoque immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec. [Read more ...]

Mountain Meadows Massacre. 1857. Paiute Indians and Utah Mormons kill 137 Arkansas emigrants en route to California. [Read more ...]

Mountbatten, Louis, First earl. 1900-79. British admiral and statesman. Allied commander SE Asia. Last Viceroy of India. Killed by IRA terrorists. [Read more ...]

Mozambique. 1489 DaGama discovers. 1498 Portuguese colony. 1975 Independent People’s Republic. [Read more ...]

Mozarabs. 8-11C. Christians who adopted Moslem language and culture in Spain but remained Catholic. [Read more ...]

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. 1756-91. Viennese Classical composer. European tour at age 6. Seemingly effortless compositions of symmetry and melody with emotional feeling. Marriage of Figaro 1786. Don Juan 1787. Magic Flute 1791. [Read more ...]

Muawiya. c602-680. Muhammad’s disciple, founded Umayyad dynasty. [Read more ...]

Muckrakers. 1906-12. US reporters expose corruption. Sinclair. Collier. McClure. [Read more ...]

Mudéjar. Moriscos. [Read more ...]

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