The Pocket Guide to World History

Müller, Hermann. 1876-1931. German Weimar leader. Young Plan. [Read more ...]

Müller, Paul. 1899-1965. Swiss chemist. DDT as insecticide 1939. [Read more ...]

Mumford, Lewis. 1895-1990. US social critic. Must restore human moral values. The City in History 1961. [Read more ...]

Munch, Edvard. 1863-1944. Norwegian painter. Expressive, symbolic, psychological. The Cry 1893. [Read more ...]

Munda, Battle. 45BC. Caesar defeats Pompey in Spain to establish rule. [Read more ...]

Munich Agreement. 1938. Recognition of Italian and German conquests by Chamberlain and Daladier. Dismembered Czechoslovakia. Appeasement Policy. Sudetenland. [Read more ...]

Munich Olympics. 1972. 11 Israelis killed by PLO terrorists. [Read more ...]

Munich Putsch. Beer Hall Putsch. [Read more ...]

Muñoz Marin, Luis. 1898-1980. First elected governor of Puerto Rico 1948-63. [Read more ...]

Münster, Sebastian. 1489-1552. German scholar. Hebrew Bible 1534-5. Geographica 1540. Cosmographia 1544. [Read more ...]

Müntzer, Thomas. 1488-1525. Anabaptist founder 1520. Supremacy of inner light vs scripture. Peasant Revolt 1524. Executed. [Read more ...]

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