The Pocket Guide to World History

Moscow Olympics. 1980. Boycotted by Western nations opposed to Afghanistan invasion. [Read more ...]

Moscow School. 14-16C Icon painting. Curving planes, subtle colors. [Read more ...]

Moscow Treaty. 1920 Baltic Liberation. 1921 Turkish frontiers. 1970 W Germany, USSR renounce force. [Read more ...]

Moseley, Henry. 1887-1915. English x-ray physicist. Atomic number and charge. [Read more ...]

Moses. c14C BC. Hebrew leader who led his people from Egypt to Palestine. Received the Ten Commandments from God. Founded Israel. [Read more ...]

Moses, Anna. “Grandma”. 1860-1961. US folk artist. Began painting in her 70s. [Read more ...]

Moslem. =Muslim. Islam. [Read more ...]

Mosley, Oswald. 1896-1980. British Fascist union leader 1932-. [Read more ...]

Mother Goose. Perrault. Contes de ma mère l’oye 1697. From an old French expression = “old wives’ tales”....Mother Goose’s Melody 1781. [Read more ...]

Motherwell, Robert. 1915-91. US Abstract Expressionist painter. Created New York school. Elegy to the Spanish Republic 1949-59. [Read more ...]

Mott, Lucretia. 1793-1880. Organized first US women’s rights conference with Stanton, 1848. [Read more ...]

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