The Pocket Guide to World History

Mornay, Philippe de. 1549-1623. French Huguenot leader in Wars of Religion, 1562-98. Reconciled Henry III, Henry of Navarre. [Read more ...]

Morny, Charles, duc de. 1811-65. French coup organizer 1851 for Napoleon III. [Read more ...]

Moro, Aldo. 1916-78. Italian Prime Minister 1963~76. Killed by left wing terrorist Red Brigade. [Read more ...]

Moroccan Crisis. 1905. Germany declares Morocco free of France, Algeciras Conference. 1911 = Agadir Crisis. French gain Morocco, Germany Cameroon, Italy Dodecanese. [Read more ...]

Morocco. c2000BC Berbers. c12C BC Phoenecians settle. 1C BC Rome. 5C Vandal. 533 Byzantine. 682 Moslem. 739 Berber revolt. 788 Idrisid dynasty. 1061 Almoravid. 1147 Almohad. 1269 Marinids. 1550 Saadis. 1666 Alawis. 1668 Berber. 18C French influence. 1912 Spanish(N)/French protectorate. 1956 Independent. Ceuta. Melilla. [Read more ...]

Morosini. Venetian leader. Blew up Parthenon, Athens, 1687. [Read more ...]

Morpheus. Greek god of dreams about people. [Read more ...]

Morris, Gouverneur. 1752-1816. US statesman. Wrote final version of Constitution. Planned coinage. [Read more ...]

Morris, Robert. 1734-1806. US “financier of the Revolution”. [Read more ...]

Morris, William. 1834-96. English poet, craftsman opposed to 19C ugliness and social inequality. Founder of Socialist League. Wallpaper, fabrics 1861. [Read more ...]

Morris Dance. English ritual folk dance of ancient Indo-European origins. [Read more ...]

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