The Pocket Guide to World History

Moreau, Gustave. 1826-1898. French Symbolist erotic painter. Salome 1876. [Read more ...]

Morelos, José. 1765-1815. Mexican priest, independence leader 1811-. [Read more ...]

Moreno, Mariano. 1778-1811. Argentine revolutionary leader. [Read more ...]

Morgan, Conway. 1852-1936. Animal psychology, 1909. [Read more ...]

Morgan, Henry. 1635-88. Welsh buccaneer. Lt.Governor of Jamaica, 1674. [Read more ...]

Morgan, Thomas. 1866-1945. US embryologist. Chromosome theory. Drosophilia genetics, 1910. [Read more ...]

Morgarten, Battle. 1315. Swiss defeat Hapsburgs. [Read more ...]

Moriscos. 1492-1614. Moors in Spain forcibly converted to Catholicism after Reconquista. Secretly remained Moslem. Revolted 1569. Deported 1609-14. [Read more ...]

Morley, Thomas. c1557-1603. English madrigal composer. Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall Music 1597. [Read more ...]

Mormon War. 1857-8. US vs Mormons re appointment of Utah governor. [Read more ...]

Mormons. 1830-. Latter Day Saints. Christian sect founded by Joseph Smith after divine revelation. Settled Utah. Founded Salt Lake City 1847. [Read more ...]

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