The Pocket Guide to World History

Moore, George. 1852-1933. Irish novelist. Confessions of a Young Man 1888. Esther Waters 1894. [Read more ...]

Moore, Henry. 1898-1986. English semi-abstract organic sculptor. Mother and Child 1924. Reclining Figure 1951. [Read more ...]

Moore, Thomas. 1779-1852. Irish poet. Irish Melodies 1807-34. Lalla Rockh 1817. [Read more ...]

Moors. Moslems of northwest Africa. Invaded Spain 711. Dominated to 11C. Surrendered Grenada 1492. Exterminated by Inquisition. Expelled from Spain 1492. [Read more ...]

Moral Rearmament. 1938 =Buchmanism. Oxford Group. [Read more ...]

Morat, Battle. 1476. Swiss defeat Burgundy. [Read more ...]

Moravia. 5C Slavs settle. 9C Empire. 1029 Bohemia. 1526 Hapsburg. 1918 Czechoslovakia. 1939-45 German protectorate. 1993 Czech Republic. [Read more ...]

Moravia, Alberto. 1907-90. Italian novelist of social alienation. The Conformist 1951. [Read more ...]

Moravian Church. Unitas Fratrum. 1457-. Protestant Hussite sect. 1467 Split from Utraquists. 18C German Pietist revival. [Read more ...]

Moray, James Stuart, Earl of. c1531-70. Scottish Regent 1567-. Promoted Reformation after Mary’s abdication. [Read more ...]

More, Thomas. 1477-1535. English humanist, statesman. Utopia 1516, described ideal cooperative democracy. Executed by Henry VIII for opposing Act of Supremacy. Catholic saint. [Read more ...]

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