The Pocket Guide to World History

Montgomery, Bernard. 1887-1976. British Field Marshal. Commanded Allies in France, 1944. Defeated Rommel at El Alamein 1942. [Read more ...]

Montgomery, L.M. 1874-1942. Canadian Romantic children’s novelist. Anne of Green Gables 1908. [Read more ...]

Montgomery, Richard. 1738-75. Irish/US Revolutionary general. Killed attacking Quebec. [Read more ...]

Monticello. 1770. Federalist style Virginian estate of Jefferson. [Read more ...]

Montpensier, Louise, Duchesse de. 1627-93. French princess. Led rebels in Fronde 1652. [Read more ...]

Montreux Convention. 1936. Abolished 1923 Straits Convention. Straits Question. [Read more ...]

Montrose, James Graham, Marq. of. 1612-50. Scottish general for Charles I in Civil War. Executed. [Read more ...]

Montrose Campaign. 1644-5. Scotland defeats England in Civil War. [Read more ...]

Monts, Pierre du Ghast. 1568-1630. French explorer with Champlain. Founded Portugal Royal 1605. [Read more ...]

Monvoison. La Voisin. [Read more ...]

Moore, G. E. 1873-1958. British Realist philosopher. Principia Ethica 1903. Ideal Utilitarianism. [Read more ...]

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