The Pocket Guide to World History

Montecuccoli, Raimondo. 1609-80. Italian Holy Roman Empire general. Defeated Turks 1664, French 1672-5. [Read more ...]

Montenegro. Balkans. 1159 Serbian Empire. 1516 Autonomous, repelling Turk, Serb, Albanian invasions. 1878 Independent. 1910 Kingdom. 1915 Germans occupy. 1918 +Serbia=Yugoslavia. WWII Italy occupies. 1946 Yugoslavia. 1992 +Serbia=Yugoslavia. [Read more ...]

Montespan, Mme de. 1641-1707. Mistress of Louis XIV, 1667-80. Poisons Affair. [Read more ...]

Montesquieu, Charles. 1689-1755. French political philosopher. De l’esprit de lois 1748. Idea of separate executive/legislative branches of government adopted in US, France. [Read more ...]

Montessori, Maria. 1870-1952. Italian educator. System based on spontaneity and self motivation 1907. [Read more ...]

Monteverdi, Claudio. 1567-1643. Italian composer. First opera: Orfeo 1607. L’Arianna 1608. Madrigals 1583. [Read more ...]

Montez, Lola. 1818-61. Irish dancer. Mistress of Louis I of Bavaria. Power resented, leading to March Revolution 1848. Banished. [Read more ...]

Montezuma II. 1466-1520. Aztec Emperor of Mexico 1502-. Captured by Cortez. [Read more ...]

Montfort, Simon de. c1165-1218. French leader of crusade against Albigenses. Conquered south France. [Read more ...]

Montfort, Simon de. c1208-65. English leader of revolt vs Henry III. Model Parliament was first representative parliament. Defeated and captured at Evesham 1265. Barons War. [Read more ...]

Montgolfier, Joseph. 1740-1810. Jacques, 1745-99. Brothers. First hot air balloon 1783. [Read more ...]

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