The Pocket Guide to World History

Monge, Gaspard. 1746-1818. French creator of descriptive geometry 1780. [Read more ...]

Mongol Empire. Asia. Established 1207 by Genghis Khan. Peak included Persia, China, Russia. 1260- Fragmented. Yuan. Golden Horde. Tamerlane. [Read more ...]

Mongolia. 13C Empire. 1686 China (Manchu). Outer Mongolia: 1913 Independent. 1921 Communist revolution. 1924 People’s Republic. Inner Mongolia: «China. [Read more ...]

Monier. 1823-1906. French inventor of reinforced concrete, 1867. [Read more ...]

Monitor. Merrimack. [Read more ...]

Monmouth, James. 1649-85. Illegitimate son of Charles II. Rye House Plot 1683. Beheaded after rebellion. [Read more ...]

Monmouth’s Rebellion. 1685. vs James II at Sedgemoor. Unsuccessful. [Read more ...]

Monnet, Jean. 1888-1979. French economist. “Father of Common Market”. [Read more ...]

Monophysitism. 4C- Heretical Christian doctrine. Jesus has single divine nature. Coptics. Monothelitism. Nestorianism. Dualism. Chalcedon. [Read more ...]

Monopolies. 1597- Granted by English crown. Abolished by Parliament 1624, 39. [Read more ...]

Monotheism. Religious doctrine holding that there is only one God. [Read more ...]

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