The Pocket Guide to World History

Molly Maguires. 1835-55 Irish anti-landlord society. 1862-77 Irish terrorists in PA coal mining area. [Read more ...]

Moloch. Canaanite deity to whom children were sacrificed. Pseudonym for Yahweh. [Read more ...]

Molotov. 1890-1986. Soviet Stalinist Prime Minister 1930-41. [Read more ...]

Moltke, Helmuth von. 1800-91. Chief of Staff of Prussian army 1857-70, German 1870-88. [Read more ...]

Mommsen, Theodor. 1817-1903. German historian. History of Rome 1854. [Read more ...]

Momus. Greek personification of ridicule, humiliation. [Read more ...]

Monaco. 10C BC Phoenicia. 5C BC Phocean. Rome. 9C Saracen. 1191 Genoa. 1297 Grimaldi family. 1524 Spanish protectorate. 1641 French protectorate. 1792 French. 1815 Sardinia.1861 Grimaldi, French protectorate. Will revert to France when no male heir. [Read more ...]

Monarchianism. 190-3C. Christian Adoptionist heresy. God and Jesus are one being. [Read more ...]

Monasticism. Seeking of spiritual perfection by living apart from society. [Read more ...]

Mondrian, Piet. 1872-1944. Dutch neoplastic abstract De Stijl movement painter. Composition with Yellow and Blue 1929. New York City 1943. [Read more ...]

Monet, Claude. 1840-1926. Originator of Impressionist open-air painting direct from nature. Impression Sunrise 1872. Nymphéas 1906-26. [Read more ...]

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