The Pocket Guide to World History

Mohács, Battle. 1526. Suleiman I defeats Louis II. Turkey dominates Hungary to 17C. [Read more ...]

Mohammed. Persian equivalent of Muhammad. [Read more ...]

Mohicans. -17C. North American Indian tribe dispersed by war. [Read more ...]

Moholy-Nagy, László. 1895-1946. Hungarian Bauhaus painter, designer, photographer. [Read more ...]

Moissan, Henri. 1852-1907. French. Isolated flourine 1886. Electric furnace 1897. [Read more ...]

Molay, Jacques de. 1243-1314. Last Grand Master of the Order of Templars. Burned. [Read more ...]

Moldavia (former). 14C Vlachs establish. 1349 Independent. 14C +Bessarabia. 16C Autonomous/Ottoman. 1774 Russian protectorate. 1774 -Bessarabia. 1859 +Walachia =Romania. 1940 Part ceded to MSSR. [Read more ...]

Moldova. 1924. Bessarabia + part of former Moldavia. 1940 Moldavian SSR. 1991 Independent Republic. CIS. [Read more ...]

Molière, Jean-Baptiste. 1622-73. French comedy actor, playwright. School for Wives 1662. Tartuffe 1664. Don Juan 1665. Misanthrope. Died in role of Malade Imaginaire. [Read more ...]

Molinism. Doctrine of Spanish Jesuit, Molina 1535-1600. Reconciled free will and divine grace. [Read more ...]

Molinos, Miguel. 1628-96. Spanish priest. Quietism. Died in prison during Inquisition. [Read more ...]

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