The Pocket Guide to World History

Missouri Comromise. 1820-54. Simultaneous admission to US of Maine, Missouri, maintaining balance of free, slave states. [Read more ...]

Mistral, Frédéric. 1830-1914. French Provençale revival poet. Mirèi 1859. Félibrige 1878. [Read more ...]

Mitchell, Margaret. 1900-49. US novelist. Gone with the Wind 1936. [Read more ...]

Mitchell, Reginald. 1895-1937. English designer of Spitfire aircraft. [Read more ...]

Mithradatic Wars. 88~63BC. Mithradates defeated. Romans annex Pontus. [Read more ...]

Mithraism. 5C BC-4C. Persian worship of Mithra, sun god of wisdom. Influenced Christianity. Adopted by Romans in Britain. Bull sacrifice. [Read more ...]

Mitlosh. 1780-1860. Serbian prince. Led revolt against Turkey 1827. [Read more ...]

Mitre, Bartolomé. 1821-1906. Argentine general, president 1862-68. Overthrew Rosas. Reunited Argentina. [Read more ...]

Mitterand, François. 1916-96. Socialist president of France, 1981-95. Promoted European unity. [Read more ...]

M’Naghten Rule. 1843. US legal test of capacity to determine right from wrong. [Read more ...]

Mnemosyne. Greek goddess of memory. Muses’ mother by Zeus. [Read more ...]

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