The Pocket Guide to World History

Minutemen. American Revolution soldiers pledged to take the field on a minute’s notice. [Read more ...]

Mir. 17C-1906. Russian system of communal landholding and taxation. Serfdom abolished 1861. [Read more ...]

Mirabeau, Comte de. 1749-91. French revolutionary writer. Physiocrat. Dominated National Assembly 1789-. [Read more ...]

Miramon, Miguel. 1832-67. Mexican general. Grand Marshal to Maximilian. [Read more ...]

Miranda, Francisco de. 1750-1816. Venezuelan rebel. Dictator 1811-12. [Read more ...]

Miranda Decision. 1966. US Supreme Court protects rights vs self-incrimination. Required police warning, “You have the right to remain silent...”. [Read more ...]

Miriam. Biblical sister of Moses, Aaron. [Read more ...]

Miró, Joan. 1893-1974. Spanish surrealist painter. Pure colors, abstract shapes. Bird, star themes. Dog Barking at the Moon. [Read more ...]

Mishima Yukio. 1925-70. Japanese writer vs traditional Samurai values. Sea of Fertility 1970. [Read more ...]

Mishna. 3C. Collection of Jewish oral laws in the Talmud. [Read more ...]

Mississippi Scheme. 1717-20. Law’s attempt to develop Louisiana. Speculation led to financial disaster. [Read more ...]

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