The Pocket Guide to World History

Mnesicles. 5C BC. Greek architect of Propylae on Acropolis. [Read more ...]

Mo-tzu. c470-391BC. Chinese philosopher. People should love each other universally. vs Confucianism: parents are more important. [Read more ...]

Moabites. Palestinian Semites. Conquered by Babylon 582BC. [Read more ...]

Mobutu Sese Seko. 1930-97. President of Zaire 1971- by coup. [Read more ...]

Model Parliaments. 1265, 1295. Convened by Montfort, Edward I. Models for British representative parliament. [Read more ...]

Modernism. 19C Movement to reinterpret Roman Catholicism based on science, psychology. Declared heretical, 1907. Loisy. Tyrrell. [Read more ...]

Modernism. Early 20C literary movement. Lawrence. Eliot. Yeats. [Read more ...]

Modernismo. 1888-. Spanish exotic poetry movement in wake of Symbolists. Darío. [Read more ...]

Modigliani, Amadeo. 1884-1920. Italian/French artist. Elongated necks and simplified figures. Head 1911-12. Recining Nude 1919. [Read more ...]

Mogadishu Raid. 1977. German commandos rescue hijack hostages. [Read more ...]

Mogul. (Mughal). 1526-1857. Moslem dynasty in India. [Read more ...]

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