The Pocket Guide to World History

Asturias. Former Spanish kingdom. 3-2C BC Rome. 5C Visigoth. 718-910 Only Christian kingdom on Iberia. 910 + León. [Read more ...]

Aswan Dam. 1902. High Dam 1955-70. [Read more ...]

Atalanta. Greek huntress beaten in race by Hippomenes. [Read more ...]

Atatürk (Mustafa Kemal). 1881-1938. Turkish founder, first president, 1923. 1919-22 drove Greeks out. Major reforms to modernize Turkey. [Read more ...]

Ate. Greek goddess of mischief. [Read more ...]

Athanagild. ~567. Visigoth King of Spain. Ended persecution of Catholics. [Read more ...]

Athanasius, St. c296-373. Bishop of Alexandria: advocated Doctine of Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) vs divinity of Christ. Council of Nicaea. [Read more ...]

Atheism. Positive disbelief in the existence of God. [Read more ...]

Athelstan. 895-939. First king of all England 925-. Regulated Royal Mint 928. [Read more ...]

Athena. Greek goddess of wisdom. = Minerva. [Read more ...]

Athenian League. 378-338BC. Refounded Delian League. War with Sparta 378-371BC. [Read more ...]

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