The Pocket Guide to World History

Athens. 3000BC. 6C BC growth. 5C decline. 4C Macedonia (aut). 27 BC Rome. 1458 Ottoman. 1834 Greek capital. [Read more ...]

Athos, Mt. 963-. Greek theocracy, site of Orthodox monasteries. [Read more ...]

Atlantic, Battle. 1939-45. Unsuccessful German attempt to blockade Britain, WWII. [Read more ...]

Atlantic Cable. 1866. Telegraphic link between North America and Europe. [Read more ...]

Atlantic Charter. 1941. British-US declaration of 8 principles of peace and security. Endorsed by >25 nations. [Read more ...]

Atlantis. Legendary island which disappeared after earthquake. [Read more ...]

Atlas. King of Titans, turned into a mountain to support the sky. [Read more ...]

Atom Bomb. 1945 US. 1949 USSR. 1952 Britain. 1960 France. 1964 China. 1974 India. 1989 South Africa (dismantled). 1998 Pakistan. ? Israel. 1990s Argentina, Brazil. Soon: Iraq, Iran, North Korea. H-Bomb. Neutron Bomb. [Read more ...]

Atomism. 5C BC. World is an infinity of small indestructible particles. Leucippus. [Read more ...]

Aton. Egyptian sun god. [Read more ...]

Atreus. King of Mycenae. Father of Agamemnon and Menelaus. [Read more ...]

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