The Pocket Guide to World History

Asquith, Herbert. 1852-1928. Liberal Prime Minister of England, 1908-16: Pensions and unemployment insurance. Parliament Act. [Read more ...]

Assad, Hafiz al-. 1928-2000. Syrian President 1971-. Supports Qadaffi, PLO. Anti-Israel. [Read more ...]

Assandum, Battle. 1016. Danes defeat English in Essex. [Read more ...]

Assassins. 1124-1270. Secret Moslem order who murdered all enemies. [Read more ...]

Assaye, Battle. 1803. British win in 2nd Maratha War. [Read more ...]

Assignats. French legal tender, 1789-96. Overissue caused inflation. Became worth 1% of face value. [Read more ...]

Assyria. 30C-612BC. Empire from Egypt to Iran. [Read more ...]

Astarte. Semitic goddess. =Aphrodite. [Read more ...]

Aston, Francis. 1877-1945. English physicist. Mass spectrograph. [Read more ...]

Astor, John. 1763-1848. German/US fur magnate. [Read more ...]

Astor, Nancy. 1879-1964. First woman to sit in British House of Commons, 1919-45. [Read more ...]

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