The Pocket Guide to World History

Menendez de Aviles, Pedro. 1519-74. Spanish colonist. Massacred Huguenots in Florida 1565. [Read more ...]

Menes. c3100BC. Egyptian king. United Upper and Lower Egypt. [Read more ...]

Meng Tse. Mencius. [Read more ...]

Menkure. 2500BC. Smallest Giza pyramid. [Read more ...]

Menno Simmons. 1496-1561. Dutch founder of Mennonites 1536. [Read more ...]

Mennonites. 1536. Christian pacifist congregationalist sect based on Anabaptists but teaching conservatism. [Read more ...]

Mensheviks. 1903-22. Pacifist minority Social Democratic Workers Party members under Martov split from Bolsheviks. Sought gradual vs revolutionary socialism. Suppressed after October Revolution. [Read more ...]

Menshikov, Aleksandr. c1672-1729. Ruled Russia for Catherine I. [Read more ...]

Mentor. Greek tutor of Telemachus, Odysseus’ son. [Read more ...]

Menzies, Robert. 1894-1978. Australian Liberal Prime Minister 1939-41, 49-66. ANZUS. SEATO. [Read more ...]

Mephistopheles. Faust’s devil. [Read more ...]

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