The Pocket Guide to World History

Mercantilism. 16-18C. Economic policy opposed to Adam Smith’s. Regulation of industry and trade. Large armies. Wealth of nation is its gold. [Read more ...]

Mercator, Gerardus. 1512-94. Flemish cartographer. Projection of globe onto flat surface 1569. Atlas 1595. [Read more ...]

Merchant Adventurers. 1296-1806. English trading guild with Dutch. =Hamburg Co 1578-. [Read more ...]

Merchants of the Steelyards. -1598. German traders in London. [Read more ...]

Mercia. 7C-877. Anglo-Saxon kingdom in central England. Conquered by Danes, Wessex. [Read more ...]

Merciless Parliament. Wonderful Parliament. 1388. Impeached 5 Richard II supporters. [Read more ...]

Mercury. Roman messenger/commerce god.= Hermes. [Read more ...]

Meredith, George. 1828-1909. English manners novelist. Intellectual, witty and poetic. Ordeal 1859. Egoist 1879. Dianna of the Crossways 1885. [Read more ...]

Merezhkovsky, Dmitri. 1865-1941. Russian historical novelist. Christ and Antichrist 1896-1905. [Read more ...]

Mergenthaler, Ottmar. 1854-99. Linotype 1884. [Read more ...]

Merleau-Ponty, Maurice. 1908-61. French philosopher blending existentialism, Marxism, phenomenology. [Read more ...]

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