The Pocket Guide to World History

Menander. 342-292BC. Greek comic dramatist. Dyscolus 316BC. [Read more ...]

Mencius. c371-289BC. Chinese. “2nd” Confucian sage. Man is innately good. [Read more ...]

Mencken, H.L. 1880-1956. US iconoclast critic. American Language. Prejudices 1919-27. [Read more ...]

Mendel, Gregor. 1822-84. Austrian abbot, botanist. Studied heredity. Genetics 1865. [Read more ...]

Mendeleyev, Dmitri. 1834-1907. Russian chemist: periodic classification of the elements 1869. [Read more ...]

Mendelssohn, Moses. 1729-86. German Jewish reform philosopher. Nathan the Wise 1779. [Read more ...]

Mendelssohn-(Bartholdy), Felix. 1809-47. German Classical Romantic melodic composer. Hebrides 1829. [Read more ...]

Menderes, Adnan. 1899-1961. Turkish Prime Minister 1950-60. Executed for dictatorship. [Read more ...]

Mendicant Friars. 13C-. Religious orders depending on alms. Franciscans, Dominicans, Augustinians, Carmelites. [Read more ...]

Mendoza, Pedro de. 1487-1537. Spanish explorer. Founded Buenos Aires 1536. [Read more ...]

Menelaus. King of Sparta. Husband of Helen of Troy. [Read more ...]

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