The Pocket Guide to World History

Meleager. Greek hero. Killed Artemis’ boar. [Read more ...]

Melfi, Constitution of. 1231. Administrative law code of Sicily. Basis of later law codes. [Read more ...]

Melilla. Spanish city on Moroccan coast conquered 1497. Berbers. [Read more ...]

Mellon, Andrew. 1855-1937. US financier. Donated art, money to found National Gallery. [Read more ...]

Melpomene. Greek Muse of tragedy. [Read more ...]

Melville, Herman. 1819-91. US novelist. Moby Dick 1851. [Read more ...]

Melville, Lord. 1742-1811. British minister under Pitt. Impeached, 1805; acquitted. [Read more ...]

Memel. (Klaipeda). 1253 founded. 1410 German. 1919 Lithuania. 1939 Germany. 1945 USSR. 1991 Lithuania. [Read more ...]

Memling, Hans. c1433-94. Flemish painter. Passion Triptych 1491. [Read more ...]

Memnon. Ethiopian king killed at Troy by Achilles. [Read more ...]

Memphis. 2686-2160BC. Capital of Egyptian Old Kingdom. [Read more ...]

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