The Pocket Guide to World History

Mehmed II. 1432-81. Ottoman sultan 1451~. Captured Constantinople 1453, ending Byzantine Empire. Conquered Anatolia, Greece, Aegean, most of Syria. Re-established Ottoman Empire. [Read more ...]

Mehmed VI. 1861-1926. Last Ottoman Sultan 1918-22. Deposed by Ataturk. [Read more ...]

Meiji. 1852-1912. Japanese Empire. 1867-. Modernization. New constitution. Abolished feudalism. Made Japan a world power. Ended isolationism. Tokugawa. [Read more ...]

Mein Kampf. 1925-27. Hitler’s manifesto. “Bible” of Nazism. [Read more ...]

Meir, Golda. 1898-1978. Israeli Labour Prime Minister 1969-74. [Read more ...]

Meisenbach. Half tone engraving 1881. [Read more ...]

Meissner. Tube transmitter 1913. [Read more ...]

Meitner, Lise. 1878-1968. Austrian. First uranium fission 1938. [Read more ...]

Melanchthon, Philip. 1497-1560. German Lutheran theologian educationist. Dogmatic Protestant 1521, introduced term. Augsburg Confession 1530. Ethics 1538. [Read more ...]

Melba, Nellie. 1861-1931. Australian operatic soprano. [Read more ...]

Melchites. 451-. Middle Eastern Roman Catholic sect with rites in Arabic, affirming Christ’s dual human/divine nature. [Read more ...]

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