The Pocket Guide to World History

Medieval Music. 476-13C. Church oriented. Evolved from Plainsong to polyphonic. [Read more ...]

Mediterranean Agreements. 1887-92. Britain, Spain, Italy, Austria-Hungary. To preserve status quo. [Read more ...]

Medusa. Gorgon. Hair of snakes. Gaze turned people to stone. [Read more ...]

Medway, Battle. 1667. Dutch destroy British fleet. Breda Treaty. [Read more ...]

Megaera. Megaeia. Fury of jealousy. [Read more ...]

Megaliths. Neolithic monuments of very large stones. Stonehenge. [Read more ...]

Megalopolis. 370-222BC. Greek city destroyed by Spartan Cleomenes III. [Read more ...]

Megarian. 4C BC. School of philosophy founded by Eucleides. Good is a single quality by many names. [Read more ...]

Megiddo, Battle. 1918. British defeat Turks in Palestine. [Read more ...]

Mehmed. Turkish equivalent of Muhammad. [Read more ...]

Mehmed I. -1421. Ottoman sultan. Restored by Tamerlane; re-united Ottoman territory. [Read more ...]

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