The Pocket Guide to World History

McCormick, Cyrus. 1809-84. US inventor of reaper 1834. Founded International Harvester. [Read more ...]

McCrae, John. 1872-1918. Canadian physician/poet. In Flanders Fields. [Read more ...]

McKinley, William. 1843-1901. US President 1897-. Spanish American War. Gained Hawaii. Assassinated by anarchist. [Read more ...]

McLuhan, Marshall. 1911-80. Canadian author on effect of media on society. Gutenberg Galaxy. -“Global Village”.-“Medium is the message”. [Read more ...]

McNaughton, Andrew. 1887-1966. Canadian WWII commander in England. Invented direction finder. [Read more ...]

McPherson, Aimee Semple.1890-1944. Controversial Canadian/US Pentacostal evangelist. [Read more ...]

Mead, Margaret. 1901-78. US anthropologist. Coming of Age in Samoa 1928. [Read more ...]

Mecca. Holy city of Islam. Muhammad’s birthplace. Captured by Muhammad 630. Ka’bah. [Read more ...]

Medea. Greek sorceress who helped Jason get fleece. [Read more ...]

Medici. Merchant family. Ruled Florence 1434~1737. Patron of Italian Renaissance arts. Catherine. Marie. Popes Leo X, Clement VII, Leo XI. [Read more ...]

Medieval Art. 10-13C. Religious Gothic. [Read more ...]

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