The Pocket Guide to World History

May Demonstrations. 1968 Paris student uprising for more money to education, less to defence. General Strike brought 33% increase in minimum wage. [Read more ...]

May Fourth Movement. 1915-21. Chinese intellectuals for modernization, westernization, freedom for women. [Read more ...]

Maya. 3-17C Yucatan civilization. [Read more ...]

Mayaguez Incident. 1975. Cambodia seizes US ship. 38 killed in rescue. [Read more ...]

Mayakovsky, Vladimir. 1893-1930. Russian Revolution poet. Backbone Flute 1915. Cloud in Trousers 1915. [Read more ...]

Mayapan League. 1200-1450. Mayan cities overthrew Government. [Read more ...]

Mayflower. 1620. Pilgrims’ ship to Massachussets. [Read more ...]

Mayflower Compact. 1620. Basis of Plymouth gov’t. [Read more ...]

Mayo, Charles. 1865-1939, William 1861-1939. Founded clinic, medical research foundation, 1915. [Read more ...]

Maysles, David. 1932-87. Albert, 1926-. US filmmakers. Cinéma vérité. Gimme Shelter. [Read more ...]

Mazarin, Jules. 1602-61. French Cardinal, politician. Power during Louis XIV rule, regent 1643-61. Ended 30 Years war. Defeated the Fronde 1653. Supported strong monarchy. [Read more ...]

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