The Pocket Guide to World History

Mazarin Bible. c1455. First book printed with moveable type. (Gutenberg 42-line). [Read more ...]

Mazepa, Ivan. 1644-1709. Cossack. Fought for Ukraine independence from Poland. [Read more ...]

Mazowiecki, Tadeusz. 1927-. Polish Prime Minister 1989. First non-communist Prime Minister in Eastern Europe in 40 years. [Read more ...]

Mazurian Lakes, Battles. 1914,15. 325,000 Russian casualties by Germany. [Read more ...]

Mazzini, Giuseppe. 1805-72. Genoa republican for Italian unity. Founded Young Italy 1831. Led Rome Republic 1849. [Read more ...]

Mboya, Tom. 1930-69. Kenyan Nationalist leader. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Mc. See Mac. [Read more ...]

McAdam, John. 1756-1836. Scottish inventor of Macadam gravel road 1810...Tarmac. [Read more ...]

McAdoo, William. 1863-1941. Founded US Federal Reserve Board 1913. Raised $18B for war effort. [Read more ...]

McCarthy, Joseph. 1909-57. US senator, fanatical anti-Communist demagogue. [Read more ...]

McClure, Robert. 1807-73. British naval commander. First Northwest Passage crossing by boat and sledge 1853-4. [Read more ...]

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