The Pocket Guide to World History

Maurya Empire. c322BC-c185BC. Dominated most of India. [Read more ...]

Mausolus. Persian Satrap c377-353BC. Tomb at Halicarnassus was one of Seven Wonders. [Read more ...]

Mavrokordátos, Aléxandros. 1791-1835. Greek revolutionary leader vs Turkey. Prime Minister 1833,44,54-55. [Read more ...]

Maxim, Sir Hiram. 1840-1916. US inventor, machine gun, 1884 in Britain. [Read more ...]

Maxim, HiramPercy. 1869-1936. US inventor. Powered tricycle 1895. Columbia automobile. Gun silencer. ARRL 1914. [Read more ...]

Maximilian. 1832-67. Austrian archduke, Emperor of Mexico 1864-7. Francis-Joseph’s brother. [Read more ...]

Maximilian I. 1459-1519. HRE 1493-. Expanded Hapsburg empire by marriage and conquest. Italian Wars. [Read more ...]

Maximilian I. The Great. 1573-1651. Duke of Bavaria. Founded Catholic League 1609. Thirty Years War. [Read more ...]

Maximilian I. 1756-1825. Bavarian king 1806-. Allied with Napoleon. Consolidated Bavaria. Opposed German unification. [Read more ...]

Maximilian II. 1811-64. Bavarian king 1848-. Tried to create a Bavarian-led alliance. Opposed by Prussia, Austria. [Read more ...]

Maxwell, James Clerk. 1831-79. Scottish physicist: theory of electromagnetic radiation, 1873. [Read more ...]

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