The Pocket Guide to World History

Ashanti Empire. 17-19C Ghana kingdom. Supplied slaves to traders. [Read more ...]

Ashcan. 20C US school of modern art. [Read more ...]

Ashikaga. 1338-1573. Japanese Shogunate. Overthrew Emperor. [Read more ...]

Ashkenazi. 1534-72. Cabalistic Jewish scholar. Established Safed center of learning, Palestine. [Read more ...]

Ashurbanipal. Assyrian king 669-626BC. Lost Egypt. Built Nineveh Library-22,000 clay tablets. [Read more ...]

Asia Minor. = Anatolia. [Read more ...]

Asiento. 1517-1750. Monopoly contracts to supply slaves to Spanish colonies. [Read more ...]

Ask. First man in Norse mythology. Embla. [Read more ...]

Aske, Robert. -1537. Led Pilgrimage of Grace against Henrician Reformation. [Read more ...]

Asoka. 269-232BC. Indian Maurya Emperor. Buddhist convert, missionary. [Read more ...]

Aspern-Essling, Battle. 1809. First important loss for Napoleon. [Read more ...]

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