The Pocket Guide to World History

Achaeans. Greeks who beseiged Troy. May be originally Mycenaean or Doric. [Read more ...]

Achaemenids. c550-330BC. Persian dynasty founded by Cyrus II. [Read more ...]

Achates. Aeneas’ armour bearer and friend in Greek mythology. [Read more ...]

Achilles. Greek hero of Trojan Wars, invulnerable except for his heel, subject of Homer’s Iliad. [Read more ...]

Achinese War. 1873-1904. Dutch defeat Moslems in Sumatra. [Read more ...]

Acid Rain. 1940-. Rain and fog of pH<5.5 caused by industrial air pollution. Prevalent in North America, Eastern Europe. [Read more ...]

Acre. 1450BC- Egypt/ Assyria/ Persia/ Macedonia. 336BC Alexander...Egypt. 1C Rome. 614 Persia. 638 Moslem. 969 Egypt. 1079 Seljuk. 1099 Crusaders. 1104 Jerusalem. 1187 Saladin. 1191 Crusaders. 1291 Mameluks. 1517 Turks. 1918 British. 1948 Israel. [Read more ...]

Acropolis. Elevated portion of Greek cities for protection and worship. Athens 2000BC. [Read more ...]

Acta. 59BC-330. Minutes of Roman public business, published daily. [Read more ...]

Actaeon. Mythical Greek hunter, turned into a stag for watching Artemis bathing. [Read more ...]

Action Française. 1898-1945. French right wing political movement and newspaper. [Read more ...]

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