The Pocket Guide to World History

Abu al-Abbas as Saffah. 722-54. First Abbasid caliph 749-. [Read more ...]

Abu Moslem Revolt. 747-50. Umayyad downfall. [Read more ...]

Abydos, Table. 14C BC List of Egyptian. kings. Discovered Temple of Seti,1817. [Read more ...]

Abyssinia. Ethiopia. [Read more ...]

Abyssinia-Italy War. 1894-6. Ended Italian colonialism. [Read more ...]

Abyssinian War. 1935-6. Italy invades Ethiopia. League of Nations ineffective. [Read more ...]

Academia Palatina. 9C school founded by Charlemagne. [Read more ...]

Académie Française. Assembly of 40 “immortals” founded 1635 by Richelieu to set literary standards, language. [Read more ...]

Academy. c387BC-529. Greek school founded by Plato dedicated to exploration of science and philosophical truth. Closed by Justinian. [Read more ...]

Acadia. 1605 French colony centerd in Nova Scotia. 18C resettled by British. [Read more ...]

Achaean League. 5-4C BC. Greek towns in common defence against pirates in Gulf of Corinth. 280-146BC. Model for federal government. Created to fight Macedonia. Dissolved by Romans. [Read more ...]

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