The Pocket Guide to World History

Actium, Battle. 31BC. Octavian defeats Antony to become sole ruler of Roman Empire. [Read more ...]

Acts of the Apostles. c70-90. Luke’s history of early Christian church. [Read more ...]

Acupuncture. 2500BC.- Chinese treatment with needles. [Read more ...]

Adad. Babylonian, Assyrian weather god. [Read more ...]

Adam. Biblical First man. Eve. [Read more ...]

Adam, Robert. 1728-92. Scottish architect: Neoclassical English country houses. [Read more ...]

Adams, John. 1735-1826. Revolutionary, 2nd US president 1797-1801. [Read more ...]

Adams, John C. 1819-92. English discoverer of Neptune, 1845. [Read more ...]

Adams, John Q. 1767-1848. US President 1825-9. Abolitionist. [Read more ...]

Adams, Samuel. 1722-1803. US Revolutionary: -“No taxation without representation”. [Read more ...]

Adams, William. 1564-1620. English navigator established Japan trade c1613. [Read more ...]

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