The Pocket Guide to World History

Mary of Burgundy. 1457-82. Duchess. Marriage to Maximilian I gave Netherlands to Hapsburgs. [Read more ...]

Mary Stuart. 1542-87. Queen of Scots 1542-67. Abdicated. Married Francis II. Queen of France 1559-60. Married Darnley 1565. Married Bothwell 1567, causing Scottish Revolt. Beheaded with Babington by Elizabeth I. Mother of James I. [Read more ...]

Mary Tudor. 1496-1533. Daughter of Henry VII, married Louis XII of France. [Read more ...]

Masaccio, Tomaso. 1401-28. Florentine fresco painter. Introduced Humanism-man vs God central theme, proportion, perspective. Baptism of Peasants 1427. [Read more ...]

Masada. 66-73. Last Zealot stronghold vs Rome. 2 Year siege. [Read more ...]

Masaryk, Thomas. 1850-1937. Founder, first President of Czechoslovakia, 1918-35. [Read more ...]

Masefield, John. 1878-1967. English poet laureate 1930-. [Read more ...]

Maskeyline, Nevil. 1732-1811. English astronomer. Longitude from moon position 1763. Nautical Almanac 1766. [Read more ...]

Mason-Dixon Line. 1763-7. MD-PA border named for its 2 surveyors. 1820- Separated slave/free states. [Read more ...]

Masonic Society. Freemasons. [Read more ...]

Masora. 6-10C. Hebrew reconstruction of Old Testament. [Read more ...]

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