The Pocket Guide to World History

Massachussets Bay Co. 1620-84. English charter company established Theocracy in Mass. Charter annulled 1684. Plymouth Colony. [Read more ...]

Massasoit. c1580-1661. American Indian chief, friend of Massachussets colonists. [Read more ...]

Massenet, Jules. 1842-1912. French opera composer. Manon. Le Cid 1885. [Read more ...]

Massey, Vincent. 1887-1967. First Canadian-born Governor-General of Canada 1952-9. [Read more ...]

Mastaba. First Dynasty Egyptian tombs. Inspired pyramids. [Read more ...]

Master of the Revels. 1300-1737. English court official who arranged festivities, acted as censor. [Read more ...]

Mata Hari. 1876-1917. Dutch dancer, courtesan. German spy WWI. Executed by French. [Read more ...]

Matabele War. 1894-6. Rhodesia natives vs British. Mediated by Rhodes. Ndebele. [Read more ...]

Materialism. All nature is describable as moving particles. Mind is the result of physical activity in the brain. Büchner. Diderot. Hobbes. Marx. Epicureans. [Read more ...]

Mather. 17-18C. Family of influential American Puritan ministers. [Read more ...]

Mathieu, Albert. 1802. Suggested English Channel Tunnel to Napoleon. [Read more ...]

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