The Pocket Guide to World History

Martin I, St. Pope 649-55. Convoked Lateran Council to debate Monothelitism. [Read more ...]

Martin V. 1368-1431. Pope 1417-. Election ended Great Schism. [Read more ...]

Martov, L. 1873-1923. Russian Menshevik leader. [Read more ...]

Marvell, Andrew. 1621-78. English satirical poet. To His Coy Mistress. Poems on Affairs of State 1689. [Read more ...]

Marx, Karl. 1818-83. German socialist philosopher: Communist Manifesto 1848. Das Kapital 1867. Dialectical Materialism. Marxism. [Read more ...]

Marx Brothers. Groucho 1890-1977. Harpo 1888-1964. Chico 1886-1961. Zeppo 1901-79. Gummo 1893-1977. US film comedians. Animal Crackers 1928. Duck Soup 1933. [Read more ...]

Marxism. Official dogma of Communism. Dialectical Materialism. “Perfect economic system will not require political state.” Marx. Engels. Value is based on labour. Maoism. Leninism. [Read more ...]

Mary. Virgin mother of Jesus. Free from Original Sin. Most important Roman Catholic saint. [Read more ...]

Mary I. Bloody Mary. 1516-58. Tudor queen of England 1553-. Married Philip II of Spain. Reinstated Roman Catholicism 1555. Persecuted Protestants. Lost Calais. [Read more ...]

Mary II. 1662-94. Queen of England with William III, 1689-. Expelled her father, James II. [Read more ...]

Mary Magdalene, St. Disciple, exorcised by Jesus. Saw him resurrected. [Read more ...]

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