The Pocket Guide to World History

Artigas, José. 1764-1850. Uruguay revolutionary leader. “Father of Uruguayan independence”. [Read more ...]

Artois. 5C Franks. 9C Flanders. 1180 France 1329 Burgundy, Austria. 1659 France. [Read more ...]

Aryabhata. 476-550. Hindu astronomer. Explained eclipses, earth’s rotation. [Read more ...]

Aryans. 2000BC. Nomads from Steppes spread to India. Founded Indus Civilization, 3240-2750BC. Hyksos Empire in Syria, 1720-1550BC. Introduced horse chariots. Basis for all Indo-European languages. [Read more ...]

Ascension. Jesus’ rise to heaven 40 days after Resurrection. [Read more ...]

Asceticism. Self denial of sensual and material pleasures. Advocated by many religious sects. [Read more ...]

Ascham, Roger. 1515-68. English humanist, author. [Read more ...]

Asclepius. Greek god of healing. Killed by Zeus to prevent immortality of man. Son of Apollo. [Read more ...]

Ascot. 1711. First Royal Meeting. [Read more ...]

Asculum, Battle. 279BC. “Pyrrhic” victory of Pyrrhus over Romans. [Read more ...]

Asgard. Scandinavian abode of the gods. [Read more ...]

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