The Pocket Guide to World History

Mandela, Nelson. 1918-. South African anti-Apartheid ANC leader. Jailed 1962-90. President 94-99. [Read more ...]

Mandeville, John. 14C. English author. Travels of John Mandeville, Knight 1356. [Read more ...]

Manet, Édouard. 1832-83. French Pre-Impressionist painter. Olympia 1863. Déjeuner sur l’herbe 1863, triggered Impressionism. Folies-Bergères 1882. Monet. [Read more ...]

Manfred. 1232-66. Sicilian king 1258-. Opposed papal authority. [Read more ...]

Manhattan Project. 1942-5. Developed US Atomic Bomb. [Read more ...]

Manichaeism. 240-6C. Dualist ascetic Persian religion founded by Mani (-274) combining Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity. Man’s spirit is good, body is evil. Albigens, Cathars, Paulician. [Read more ...]

Manifest Destiny. 1840s. Justified US expansionism. [Read more ...]

Manila Bay, Battle. 1898. US defeats Spain, wins Philippines. [Read more ...]

Manin, Daniele. 1804-57. Risorgimento leader. Venetian Republic president 1848-9. [Read more ...]

Manlius Capitolinus. -384BC. Roman Consul. Geese awaken...Gaul attack repulsed, 390BC. [Read more ...]

Mann, Horace. 1796-1859. US educator. Modern public education system. [Read more ...]

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