The Pocket Guide to World History

Mann, Thomas. 1875-1955. German/US novelist. Opposed Nazism. Buddenbrooks 1900. Magic Mountain 1927. Death in Venice 1929. Dr Faustus. [Read more ...]

Mann Act. 1910. US law prohibits transport of women across state lines for immoral purposes. [Read more ...]

Mannerheim, Carl. 1867-1951. Finnish president. 1944-6. Led fight vs Bolsheviks 1918-21, army 1939-44. [Read more ...]

Mannerheim Line. Eastern Finnish fortification. Crossed by Russians 1940. [Read more ...]

Mannerism. 16C Exaggerated colorful painting style emphasizing craft, decorum. Palissy. Dürer. Cellini. Bruegel. [Read more ...]

Manorial System. (Seignorial). 11-15C. Lord grants peasant rights to till land for fixed payment. [Read more ...]

Mansart, Francois. 1598-1666. French architect. Val-de-Grâce 1645. Classical elements in Baroque style. Subtle elegance, harmony. Mansard roof. [Read more ...]

Mansart, Jules Hardouin-. 1646-1708. French architect, city planner. Dome Church 1677. Grand Trianon 1687. Place de Vendôme. [Read more ...]

Mansfield, Katherine. 1888-1923. NZ/English short story writer. [Read more ...]

Manson, Patrick. 1844-1922. Scottish parasitologist. Associated malaria with mosquito, 1894. [Read more ...]

Mantegna, Andrea. 1431-1506. Mantuan. First Renaissance painter. Frescoes. [Read more ...]

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