The Pocket Guide to World History

Mameluks. Egyptian slave bodyguards who formed 1250-1382 Bahrite, 1382-1517 Burjite dynasties. Overthrown by Turks. Ali Pasha. [Read more ...]

Man, Isle of. 5C Celtic. 9C Norse. 800 Tynwald. 1266 Scotland...England. 1828 Crown possession. [Read more ...]

Man in the Iron Mask. Anonymous Bastille prisoner 1698-1703. [Read more ...]

Manchester School. 19C British free-trade movement. Cobden. [Read more ...]

Manchu. 1644-1912. Chinese dynasty.=Ch’ing. 1682 united China. [Read more ...]

Manchukuo. 1932-45. Japanese puppet state in Manchuria under P’u-i. Manchu. [Read more ...]

Manchuria. 926 Khitan Empire. 1234 Mongol. 1644 Manchu. 1898 Port Arthur. 1932 Manchukuo. 1946 China. [Read more ...]

Mancini, Pasquale. 1817-88. Italian Risorgimento leader, statesman. Triple Alliance 1882. [Read more ...]

Mandaeanism. Persian Gnostic sect revering John the Baptist. Fertility worship. [Read more ...]

Mandarin. Chinese official. Chinese dialect. [Read more ...]

Mandate, League of Nations. Territory controlled by outside power. E.g. ex-German colonies, non-Turkish ex-Ottoman lands. 1946- UN Trusteeship. [Read more ...]

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