The Pocket Guide to World History

Mallorca. Balearic Island. [Read more ...]

Malone, Edmund. 1741-1812. English Shakespearean scholar. Exposed W Ireland. [Read more ...]

Malory, Thomas. 1430-71. English writer: Morte darthur c1470. [Read more ...]

Malpighi, Marcello. 1628-94. Italian physician. Early microscopic anatomy. Malpighi skin layer. [Read more ...]

Malplaquet, Battle. 1709. Marlborough defeats French in war of Spanish Succession. [Read more ...]

Malraux, André. 1901-76. French novelist. La Condition Humaine 1933. Museum Without Walls 1967. [Read more ...]

Malta. c800BC Phoenecia...Carthage. 218BC Rome. 5C Vandal/ Goth. 6C Byzantine. 870 Arab. 1090 Sicily. 1530 Knights of St. John. 1798 French. 1814 British. 1964 Indepependent. 1974 Republic. Population awarded George Cross 1942. [Read more ...]

Malta, Knights of. 1530-1798. Knights of St. John. [Read more ...]

Malthus, Thomas. 1766-1834. English economist, warned population would exceed food supply. Essay on Population 1798. [Read more ...]

Malus, Étienne. 1775-1812. French physician. Discovered polarized light 1808. [Read more ...]

Malvinas Is. Argentine name for Falkland Is. [Read more ...]

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