The Pocket Guide to World History

Arsonval, Arsène d’. 1851-1940. French doctor and physicist. Electricity in body mvmt. [Read more ...]

Art Deco. 1920-39. Elegant Parisian decorative style. Erte. Lalique. Chanel. [Read more ...]

Art Nouveau. (Jugendstil). 1885-1910. Originally English style of art and architecture. Reaction to Industrial uniformity. Beardsley. Tiffany. Gaudi. [Read more ...]

Artagnan, d’. Guarded Fouquet at Vincennes Prison. [Read more ...]

Artaxerxes. I-III. 5-4C BC. Achaemenid kings. [Read more ...]

Artemis. Greek goddess of hunting. =Roman Diana. [Read more ...]

Artemisia. -c350BC. Queen of Halicarnass, wife of Mausolus. Built Mausoleum. [Read more ...]

Artesian Well. Ancient Egypt, China, Persia, Syria. [Read more ...]

Arthur. c500. Legendary king of Camelot. Knights of the Round Table. [Read more ...]

Arthur I. 1187-1203. Duke of Brittany. Claimant to English throne. Defeated by John I. [Read more ...]

Articles of Confederation. 1781-9. First US Constitution. [Read more ...]

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