The Pocket Guide to World History

Lycia. Mountain district of Anatolia. 43 conquered by Rome. Xanthos. [Read more ...]

Lycurgus. 9C BC. Totalitarian Spartan reformer. Created militaristic society. [Read more ...]

Lycurgus. c390-324BC.Led short revival of Athens after Peloponnesian War. [Read more ...]

Lydia. -700BC Maeonia. 546BC Persia. 133 Rome. First coins 7C BC. [Read more ...]

Lyell, Charles. 1797-1875. British geologist. Principles of Geology 1833. Coined terms for eras: Pliocene, Miocene, Eocene. Uniformitarianism. [Read more ...]

Lyons, Council, 2nd. 1274. Union of East, West churches. Later repudiated by Greek clergy. Schism. [Read more ...]

Lysander. -395BC. Spartan admiral. Captured Athens 404BC. Ended Peloponnesian War. [Read more ...]

Lysenko, Trofim. 1898-1976. Russian biologist. Forced outdated Lamarck genetics on Agriculture Academy holding back Russian progress. [Read more ...]

Lysias. c445-380BC. Greek orator. Unembellished style.Against Eratosthenes 404BC. [Read more ...]

Lysimachus. 385-281BC. Alexander’s General. Macedonia satrap 323-. [Read more ...]

Lysippus. 4C BC. Greek sculptor. Revised ideal human form-slender with smaller head. [Read more ...]

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