The Pocket Guide to World History

Lytton, Bulwer-. 1803-73. English novelist: Last Days of Pompeii 1834. “It was a dark and stormy night”. [Read more ...]

Maastricht, Treaty. 1993. Established European Union. Common citizenship, currency and free trade. [Read more ...]

Mabillon, Jean. 1632-1707. French Benedictine scholar. Science of diplomatics. De re diplomatica 1681. [Read more ...]

MacAlpin. Kenneth I. -858. First King of Scots and Picts. [Read more ...]

Macao. 1557 Portuguese settle. 1849 Free port. 1887 Treaty confirms Portugal rule. [Read more ...]

MacArthur, Douglas. 1880-1964. US Pacific Allied commander, WWII. Commanded Japanese occupation. Led UN forces in Korean War. [Read more ...]

Macaulay, Thomas. 1800-59. British politician, writer. Essays 1843. History of England 1849-61 the “Whig interpretation of history”. [Read more ...]

Macbeth. -1057. Scottish king 1040-. Killed, succeeded Duncan. Killed by Duncan’s son, Malcolm. [Read more ...]

MacBride, Seán. 1904-88. Irish statesman. Founded Republican Party 1946. Foreign minister 1948-1951. Founder, chairman 1961-75 Amnesty International. Assistant UN Secretary General. [Read more ...]

Maccabees. -63BC Jewish family. Led revolt vs Seleucids 168BC. Reconsecrated Temple of Jerusalem. [Read more ...]

MacDonald, Flora. 1722-90. Scottish Jacobite. Aided Prince Charles after Culloden defeat. [Read more ...]

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