The Pocket Guide to World History

Luther, Martin. 1483-1546. German Christian reformer opposed to indulgences. Wittenberg. -’Even if heaven and hell do not exist, education is important’ Justification by faith alone. Melanchthon. 95 Theses 1517. Treatise on Christian Liberty. New Testament translated to vernacular 1522. Catechisms 1529. Canticles 1533. Excommunicated 1520, burns Papal Bull. Choral composer: moral effects of music. [Read more ...]

Lutheranism. Conservative Protestant sect of Germany and Scandinavia. Salvation through faith alone. [Read more ...]

Lutuli, Albert. 1898-1967. African Zulu chief. Pacifist ANC President 1952-. Let My People Go 1962. [Read more ...]

Lutyens, Edwin. 1869-1944. English architect of country houses and public buildings. Fountain at Trafalgar. New Delhi Plan 1912. [Read more ...]

Lutyens, Elizabeth. 1906-83. Britain’s leading 12-note composer. [Read more ...]

Luxembourg. 1C BC Rome. 459 Franks. 963 Independent county «Holy Roman Empire. 1354 Duchy. 1443 Burgundy. 1472~1795 Hapsburg. 1555 Spanish. 1684 French. 1697 Spanish. 1714 Austrian. 1795 French. 1815 Dutch «German Confederation. 1839 Belgian(W)/Autonomous. 1867 Independent neutral. 1914-18, 1940-44 German occupation. 1948 Neutrality ends. [Read more ...]

Luxemburg, Rosa. 1871-1919. German revolutionary theoritician, agitator. Founded Spartacus Party. [Read more ...]

Luynes, Duke of. 1578-1621. French. Adviser to Louis XIII. [Read more ...]

Lvov, Prince Georgi. 1861-1925. Russian leader of Provisional Government, 1917. [Read more ...]

Lyautey, Louis. 1854-1934. French General. Established French protectorate over Morocco. [Read more ...]

Lyceum. c335BC. Athenian school founded by Aristotle, called ’Peripatetics’. [Read more ...]

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