The Pocket Guide to World History

Lower Canada. 1791-1841. 1841 «Province of Canada. 1867 = Quebec. [Read more ...]

Loyalists. United Empire Loyalists. [Read more ...]

Loyola, St. Ignatius. 1491-1556. Spanish soldier, founder of ascetic Jesuit Order, army of God working directly for the Pope. Spiritual Exercises 1548. [Read more ...]

Lubbock, John. English MP. Bank Holidays Act 1871. [Read more ...]

Lübeck. 1386-1669. Headquarters of Hanseatic League. [Read more ...]

Lublin Union. 1569-1792. Poland and Lithuania. [Read more ...]

Lucan. 39-65. Roman poet. Conspired vs Nero. Bellum Civile. [Read more ...]

Luce, Henry. 1898-1967. US publisher. Founded Time 1923, Fortune 1930, Life 1936, Sports Illustrated 1954. [Read more ...]

Lucian. c120-80. Greek satirist. Dialogues of the Dead. [Read more ...]

Lucifer. =Satan. [Read more ...]

Lucillius, Caius. 180-102BC. Poet. Originated Latin satire. [Read more ...]

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