The Pocket Guide to World History

Luckner, Felix. 1886-1966. German naval officer. Attacked commercial vessels in WWII. [Read more ...]

Lucretius. 99-55BC. Roman poet: De rerum natura, advocating moral truth without religious belief. [Read more ...]

Luddites. 1811-16. Workers who destroyed machines to stop the Industrial Revolution. Led by mythical Ned Ludd. [Read more ...]

Ludlow, Battle. 1459. War of Roses. York, Warwick routed by Lancastrians. [Read more ...]

Ludwig, King. = Louis. [Read more ...]

Lukács, György. 1885-1971. Hungarian Marxist writer: History of Class Conscioussness 1923. [Read more ...]

Luke, St. 1C Author of third Gospel. [Read more ...]

Lukin, Lionel. 1742-1834. English inventor of first safe life boat 1785. [Read more ...]

Lully, J-B. 1632-87. Composer who developed French Opera overture styles. Armide 1686. [Read more ...]

Lumière, Louis. 1864-1948. Auguste 1862-1954. French chemists, invented cinematography 1895. [Read more ...]

Lumumba, Patrice. 1925-61. Congo independence leader. First Prime Minister of Zaire 1960-. Deposed, murdered. [Read more ...]

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