The Pocket Guide to World History

Louis-Philippe. 1773-1850. French King 1830-48. 1790 Jacobin liberal who became absolutist monarch. Supported by bourgeoisie, defeated by workers in Revolt. [Read more ...]

Louise of Savoy. 1476-1531. Mother of Francis I. Negotiated Treaty of Cambrai. [Read more ...]

Louisiana. 1643 French LaSalle claims. 1719 Mississippi Company. 1762 England cedes to Spain. 1801 France (San Ildefonso Treaty). 1803 US purchase. 1812 18th State. [Read more ...]

Louisiana Purchase. 1803. Napoleon sells Louisiana to US for $27M to finance defence budget. [Read more ...]

Lourdes. 1858. Virgin Mary appears to Soubirous. [Read more ...]

Louvois, Marquis de. 1639-91. Louis XIV War Minister. Reformed army. Enforced Nantes revocation. Supervised construction of Invalides, Vendôme. [Read more ...]

Louvre. 1204 fortress. Charles V library. 1527 new palace by Lescot. 1793 converted to museum. Venus de Milo. Mona Lisa. [Read more ...]

Love Generation. 1960-9. Term applied to hippies who rejected past values for instant pleasures of drugs and music. [Read more ...]

Low, David. 1891-1963. British caricaturist. Colonel Blimp. [Read more ...]

Low Countries. Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands. [Read more ...]

Lowell, Percival. 1855-1916. US astronomer. Predicted Pluto 1905 (erroneously). PL of Pluto name after him. Studied Mars’ “canals” 1906. Schiaparelli. [Read more ...]

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