The Pocket Guide to World History

Arnold, Matthew. 1822-88. English poet. Scholar-Gypsy 1853. [Read more ...]

Arnolfo di Cambio. c1245-1302. Architect, Florence Cathedral. [Read more ...]

Arnulf. c850-99. Last Carolingian Holy Roman Emperor. Defeated Normans. Captured Rome. [Read more ...]

Aroostook War. 1838-9. US-Canadian border dispute in East. [Read more ...]

Arp, Hans. 1887-1966. French Dada artist. [Read more ...]

Árpád. 840-907. Led Magyars into Hungary. Dynasty ruled to 1301. [Read more ...]

Arras, Battle. 1917. British WWI defeat. [Read more ...]

Arras, Treaty. 1435. Burgundy recognized French throne. [Read more ...]

Arrhenius, Svante. 1859-1927. Swedish physicist, discoverer of ions. [Read more ...]

Arriaga, Manuel. 1842-1917. First President of Portugal. [Read more ...]

Arsacids. 247BC-224 AD. Parthian dynasty ruling Persia and Mesopotamia. Def by Sassanians. [Read more ...]

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